FAQs: Zoom Mediation

Pactum Factum

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

“I love being wrong because that means in that instant, I learned something new that day.”
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Pactum Factum


Legal stuff is hard. We can make it easier.


“Will I get a fair mediation?”

✓ This is the same process as face-to-face mediation. Research shows that the trust in a mediator in an online process is the same as a brick and mortar process. You retain far more power and fairness in mediation than when you hand over your power (and outcome) to a traditional court, judge, and jury.

“How can I be sure the mediator will understand me?”

✓ We will have time for private conversions. It’s my job to understand you, and I am extensively trained, experienced, and committed to doing that at every step of the way.

”What is your fee?”

✓ For consultation (aka “pick my brain” or “coffee chat” or “get my feedback / opinion”): $750 per hour charged in 1-hour increments, paid in advance of each hour. $2,600 for up to a 4-hour block, paid in advance. This is NOT legal representation.

✓ For mediation or legal representation: $650/hour with a 4-hour minimum (i.e. $2,600) paid in advance. See Pactum Factum Mediation Policies & Fees for more information.

✓ For speaking fees and terms: see Lucia’s Speaking Terms.

“I’m already stressed and now using technology is something else to worry about. What if I’m not good with technology stuff?”

✓ We’ll make this simple. All you have to do is click on a link. I will send you a link and we can even practice using it ahead of the schedule joint session. It is a safe, reliable, and high quality platform. Before the first joint Zoom sessions, I will practice with each party (free of charge) using the Zoom room to make sure everything is working. This only takes 5 minutes. In the meantime, see below for the link to an 8-minute client tutorial on using Zoom.

“What if my microphone, video, internet, etc. won’t work?”

✓ That can happen and we have backup options. On-line dispute resolution is a very effective tool, but not the only tool we have in our box. In fact, it’s best to use a combination of modalities.

”What are the benefits of on-line Mediation?”

  • Faster scheduling and saves you money!
  • Physical geography is no longer a barrier
  • We can schedule in smaller chunks
  • Pay online
  • Instant access to resources during the Zoom session(s)
  • Drafting an agreement is faster when we can all work on it together with a shared screen (rather than passing it back and forth via email)
  • Easy to take a break whenever needed
  • Unlike in a brick and mortar room, only one person can speak at a time (and only in a normal volume, otherwise their voice will be garbled).
  • It is a safe process. All of our Zoom mediator host settings conform with recommendations of the International Council of Online Dispute Resolution (ICODR)
  • Click here for an 8-minute Zoom tutorial by Dr. Clare Fowler of mediate.com




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