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Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

“In order to change an existing order,
we must first believe in an alternative imagined order”
Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens

Pactum Factum 

No one likes paperwork. But the few items of “paperwork” we ask mediation participants to complete are designed to make the rest of the process a good and productive use of your time and energy. This page provides an idea of the general “paperwork” you can expect  when booking a mediation with Pactum Factum.

The following Mediation Policies & Fees; and Agreement to Mediate & Ground Rules are read-only files for information only. The Agreement To Mediate & Ground Rules will be personalized and sent via Docusign to each participant for a new mediation:

Pactum Factum Mediation Policies & Fees

Pactum Factum General Agreement to Mediate & Ground Rules

The following Preparation Questionnaire is also read-only. A secure link to the form will be sent to each participant to the mediation. It is a confidential and secure tool to help you think about your dispute and to convey initial information. Success in mediation is dependent upon preparation. Your answers can also inform whether the mediation process can fulfill your needs. If a “victory” is absolutely required you might consider proceeding with litigation.
The process of coming up with answers to these questions may stimulate new avenues of thought. Taking the time to reflect on your answers to these questions may help you see why you are on this particular path.
Please be completely honest – there are no right or wrong answers, and you are not being judged in any way.

Pactum Factum Preparation Questionnaire



Mediation Services

We are specially trained with the world’s most recognized and respected dispute resolution leaders and programs.


Training Programs

We have delivered a variety of programs, including ½ day, 1 full day,  2-day or 1-week workshops encompassing many topics.


Coaching & Witness Preparation

Extensive experience in witness preparation and negotiation coaching.


What We Do

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

At Pactum Factum, our mission is to leverage science and law to inform the art of negotiation and dispute resolution resulting in a process that can breed elegant, durable, creative and practical outcomes.

pactum factum (Latin): A done deal

Workplace Investigations

Our investigations are impartial, thorough, prompt, and appropriately customized for the circumstances.


Peer Mediation in Schools

Our Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project uses a program designed by the CRU Institute.



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