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“Our experience has taught us that with goodwill a negotiated solution can be found for even the most profound problems.”
Nelson Mandela

Pactum Factum

Negotiation Coaching and Witness Preparation

You may not need to retain an attorney or may already have one, but would like to separately engage the advice of a negotiation expert to prepare you for a mediation or negotiation.
In addition, we have extensive specialized experience in preparing witnesses for testimony in depositions, hearings, and trials. It is absolutely paramount for a witness to be properly prepared to take the witness stand. We excel in providing that preparation, and have prepared and appeared at depositions for hundreds of witnesses.

Mediation Services

We are specially trained with the world’s most recognized and respected dispute resolution leaders and programs.


Training Programs

We have delivered a variety of programs, including ½ day, 1 full day,  2-day or 1-week workshops encompassing many topics.


Coaching & Witness Preparation

Extensive experience in witness preparation and negotiation coaching.


What We Do

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

At Pactum Factum, our mission is to leverage science and law to inform the art of negotiation and dispute resolution resulting in a process that can breed elegant, durable, creative and practical outcomes.

pactum factum (Latin): A done deal

Workplace Investigations

Our investigations are impartial, thorough, prompt, and appropriately customized for the circumstances.


Peer Mediation in Schools

Our Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project uses a program designed by the CRU Institute.



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